Nikon F

This past Christmas, my wife, once again, showed her incredible aptitude for gift giving. She presented me with a number of boxes. Each box contained a different piece of the gift. After they… Continue reading

Long Overdue

This post is a 8 months overdue. A while back, Barry and I traveled down to Cape May to try to see some new birds. I had looked forward to this day for… Continue reading

New Sounds

I don’t know if its because I have never come across them, or because I have simply just been walking past all of this time. Either way after listening to birdsong recordings, I… Continue reading

Death From Above

The wetlands have been full of of predators, specifically those with wings. Here are some of the ones I saw during my last excursion, as well a product of their remarkable behavior. B.A.L.… Continue reading

A Scrub Family

I think that most birders have a bird or few that they like to keep tabs on or name. I like to keep tabs on a family of Florida Scrub Jays near my… Continue reading

Back again

I went back to the same spot, and struck gold. She saw me first, and quickly scooted back across the fence. So I decided to wait for her to reemerge. Patience is a… Continue reading

Cloudy Days

Today I had one of those debates with myself. Cloudy days are just not the conditions where you get those wow images. There isn’t the dramatic light of morning or evening to augment… Continue reading

High in the Trees

What a treat to end the year with! Barry and I had been searching for this bird to add to our life lists for a long time now. Its no wonder when considering… Continue reading

A Quiet Sit

For me the woods are not a place to go and contemplate life’s inconveniences and problems. I go to listen, watch, and escape. More often than not, when I spend time in the… Continue reading

Lines on a Page

Recently I have been keeping a field journal with sketches and notes of the local flora and fauna. Let me just say this now, field sketching birds is incredibly hard. I have a… Continue reading