Golden Gaze

DSC_0067 1

Alone he stood upon a rotting throne

While orange beams bathed him in warm farewells.

Yellow, through a reed cloak, his gold eye shone.

It scanned the dark pools for throating nightly knells.

DSC_0134 1

Not far between two tails the gold orb made

A stout green shape bawling into the dark.

Ghostly, the grey creeped up silent as a shade,

Slowly honing in on his warty mark.

DSC_0072 1

CRACK! My foot broke through some hidden dry reed.

Quickly the green was gone with a quick mute splash.

Slowly grey turned to shine his orb at me.

Ancient fear welled beneath the still, cold flash.

DSC_0069 1-3

I blinked, he was gone, away to the dark.

Cold sweat poured down, I awoke with a start.



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