Silent Sovereigns

It can be a little unnerving listening to the sounds and watching the activities of the morning woods, Even when those woods are the scrub flora of a summertime Florida Island.



But it’s not the woods that leave you unsettled, rather the ones that haunt the trees above.

Those lords with glowing eyes.

_DSC0089 2

Two primeval shapes, shaded beneath long dead branches, silently watching.

Eyes never moving but always watching, observing.

_DSC0161 2

Even as you lift your bins to get a better view, they stare. Long lost feelings stir within, awoken by that fierce glow, piercing down from still branches. All is quiet. Not even the jays make a sound, respecting the sovereignty permeating from the silent shadows above.

_DSC0172 2

Slowly you lower your aids and back away from the trees, that wooden castle. All is still, deferential.

_DSC0166 2


Silently they watch.



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