Native Florida

Scrub habitat in FL is quickly disappearing to give way for development, and a growing population. However, near to my parents home is an isolated pocket of scrub oak and saw palmetto trees. The habitat is confined to a park I frequented with the cross country team in high school. I recently revisited to gain new perspective, geo-cache with an old friend, and locate the only bird found solely in FL, the Florida Scrub Jay.

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I would have been happy just seeing one, but as I quickly discovered, they are more often than not found in family units. Including the two sentries keeping a lookout, the pair of us happily enjoyed the company of eight!

 _DSC0134 3 _DSC0124 3 _DSC0123 3

They are rather curious birds, and flew up to keep an eye on us from above! (I have heard that they will even eat out of your hand!) What character!

They all seemed to be in some stage of a molt

They all seemed to be in some stage of a molt



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