Cloudy Days

One-eyed Jack-- Looks like this young guy got into quite a tussle

One-eyed Jack– Looks like this young guy got into quite a tussle

Today I had one of those debates with myself. Cloudy days are just not the conditions where you get those wow images. There isn’t the dramatic light of morning or evening to augment the scene or subject. With that said, cloudy days can be dramatic none the less. Today, the wetlands through me a few curveballs.





Just taking care of some New Year’s resolution exercise!

In addition to the excitement of the mergansers and wintering Black-crowned Night Herons, I was able to glimpse a my first harrier floating above the water searching for action!


Northern Harrier



Further down the path I saw this guy sitting on a fence post waiting for any movement in the brush below.


I decided to walk the backside of the trail after passing the RSHA, away from my normal route. I was seemingly alone. Just as I looked up, a busy looking otter crossed the dirt path in front of me having just emerged from the lake area on the right!




When he disappeared into a scrub stand on my left, I quickly ran down (always careful of gators) to get a glimpse of him crossing the small retention area.






He quickly jumped out and dove through a hole in the fencing and was gone.


He had quite a catch!


At first I thought he had a fish, but after a second look, it appears to be a greater siren. You can sort of make out the legs of the large amphibian in this photo.


Cloudy days can end up being some of the most exciting and dramatic of them all!


Some teal peaking up to check for danger


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