A Scrub Family

I think that most birders have a bird or few that they like to keep tabs on or name. I like to keep tabs on a family of Florida Scrub Jays near my parents home. I went out recently to see how they were doing.

Keeping watch

Keeping watch

 Initially, it was quite difficult to locate them. I think this is because they frequent quite a large area and it was not really the time of day for flapping about. So instead of using my eyes, I listened for them. Sure enough, even over the wind and scraping fronds, I was able to locate them.

_DSC0349 1

Click Click Click Click Click!

The sentinel birds quickly informed me that they knew I was there, while their family members foraged along the ground.


One of the sentinels clicking at me


Ground foraging

I counted five in total including the sentinels. As is typical of scrub jays, one landed down on the dirt a few feet from me to get a better look, before going back to his perch.

_DSC0363 1

“I’ve got my eye on you”

Overall they looked quite healthy, and put a big smile on my face. After all, that clicking can be quite funny. Not funny for them I guess.


These two sentinels are surveying the landscape

_DSC0369 1

Happy birding!!


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