New Sounds

I don’t know if its because I have never come across them, or because I have simply just been walking past all of this time. Either way after listening to birdsong recordings, I picked up on the presence of a couple of new birds in the woods.

The sweet notes of the Eastern Wood-Pewee and the Red-eyed Vireo were all over. The simple elegance of their sounds makes them even more enjoyable.

It is my belief that the songs of these two species help to define the character of the deep woods.


An Easter Wood-Pewee pausing between phrases


A Chipping Sparrow showing off his rufous cap


Barry and I heard this guy from 100 yards off and approached his tree carefully. It took about 15 minutes of singing before he moved so we could get a glimpse. “Zee Zee Zee ZEEEEEE!” –Praire Warbler


Red-eyed Vireo, not a showy bird, but one with a simple elegance that helps define the deep woods.


We heard this Ovenbird all morning in the same spot as last year. We only just glimpsed him through the foliage while he paused between shows for a meal.




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