Cloudy Days

Today I had one of those debates with myself. Cloudy days are just not the conditions where you get those wow images. There isn’t the dramatic light of morning or evening to augment… Continue reading

High in the Trees

What a treat to end the year with! Barry and I had been searching for this bird to add to our life lists for a long time now. Its no wonder when considering… Continue reading

A Quiet Sit

For me the woods are not a place to go and contemplate life’s inconveniences and problems. I go to listen, watch, and escape. More often than not, when I spend time in the… Continue reading

Lines on a Page

Recently I have been keeping a field journal with sketches and notes of the local flora and fauna. Let me just say this now, field sketching birds is incredibly hard. I have a… Continue reading

150 and Counting

It has been a little over 150 years since the battle of Gettysburg. To mark the occasion, my father-in-law and I rode down through Amish country to reach the old battle grounds and… Continue reading

Native Florida

Scrub habitat in FL is quickly disappearing to give way for development, and a growing population. However, near to my parents home is an isolated pocket of scrub oak and saw palmetto trees.… Continue reading


A morning walk through the summertime FL wetlands can be a sweaty miserable business. Sometimes, tromping through quiet cattails and muggy clouds of buzzing gnats is exactly how it sounds, miserable. I know,… Continue reading

Silent Sovereigns

It can be a little unnerving listening to the sounds and watching the activities of the morning woods, Even when those woods are the scrub flora of a summertime Florida Island. But it’s… Continue reading

A Watercolor Study

One of my favorite waterbirds… B.A.L. —— (All images included in this and other entries on this site were taken by and belong to me) All Images © 2013 Brian Lang All Rights… Continue reading

Songs of Summer

It is has now been almost a week since the technical beginning of summer, but since the spring migration has been over for a while, I have felt as if the calendar (and… Continue reading