A Dash of Yellow

Ahh, the joys of spring! Nesting season has begun, and a few of our delightful specs of gold are out patrolling their lots.   B.A.L. —— (All images included in this and other… Continue reading

The Cape

During the twelfth Muslim lunar month of Dhu al-Hijjah, around 3 million Muslims complete a pilgrimage to Mecca in order to fulfill a holy obligation. On this strand, New Jersey helps form a… Continue reading

Gathering Dust, Waiting for Words

These are a few of my favorite shots that are previously unpublished. Like all photos, they have stories of their own. Until I can find the time to articulate them, they will have… Continue reading

Golden Gaze

Alone he stood upon a rotting throne While orange beams bathed him in warm farewells. Yellow, through a reed cloak, his gold eye shone. It scanned the dark pools for throating nightly knells.… Continue reading

Winter Wood

The winter wood is silent and still. Here days are born old and quickly fade beneath low hanging grey. Whispering branches and crunching footsteps are the only audible sounds. The wood seems to… Continue reading

Garden State Excitment

     In my experience, outside of the state, New Jersey is more often associated with dense population and heavy traffic than a  diverse populace, and birding hotspot. In fact I recently met a… Continue reading


Through life, I have found that there are certain smells and sounds that can take you back. For me, the aroma of salt permeating the air and cry of a hunting osprey never… Continue reading


Parulidae, probably the most intimidating section of the field guide for any novice birder (I can definitely include myself among their ranks). It could be the fact that to most of us newbies… Continue reading


Since this is the first time that I am officially blogging, I thought I would open up with some of the birds that I saw this past weekend. (I want to clarify here… Continue reading